About Us

Anise Parker of Chicago, Illinois is a retired Chicago Public Schools teacher who now works with small to medium businesses to help businesses accomplish 3 goals. Those 3 goals are to maximize revenue per customer using email management, to improve return on investment using video to help bring more customers, patients, or clients and to get the business more local exposure to social media for brand awareness. All of these goals will increase the business’ bottom line and help to keep a stellar reputation.

As a digital marketing business consultant, Anise Parker along with team focuses on improving the business’ return on investment by providing services in website design customization, lead generation, local search engine optimization, mobile site design, web hosting & management, social media management & other services as needed. When it comes to internet marketing we do our best to help educate the business owners as they market themselves and their respective businesses on the Internet.

Additionally, we also work to generate a passive income in affiliate marketing. Some of the areas in affiliate marketing include the following:  health, fitness, wellness, self-improvement and other niche related markets. Here’s hoping you find something of value.

Anise Parker of Chicago Illinois
Anise Parker
Division of Harnia Properties, LLC
Greater Grand Crossing
Chicago, IL 60619
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